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Equine Surgery, Lameness, and Sports Medicine
Equine Surgery, Lameness, and Sports Medicine

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Anesthetic monitoring includes arterial catheter for direct blood pPEVGallery/ressure, electrocardiogram (ecg), and jugular catheter
Arthroscopic Assisted Bone Cyst Injection
Dr. Rhoads performing mesotherapy for lumbar pain
Bone chip in back of fetlock joint
Fetlock Chip Arthroscopically Removed
Fetlock Chip Prior To Removal
First Phalanx Fracture AP
Depression skull fracture
Fractured Skull Surgical View
Fractured Skull After Plate and Suture Fixation
Skull fracture repaired with plate and screws
Separation of hoof wall in severe white line disease
Hoof wall resection for white line disease
Hypopeon (pus within anterior chamber) in a case of severe uveitis
Osteochondritis Dessicans (OCD) of Lateral Trochlear Ridge of Stifle
Radiographic evaluation of hoof and joint balance
Radiographic guidance of navicular bursa injection
Slab Fracture In Hock
Screw Fixation of Slab Fracture
Skin grafts
Superficial corneal ulceration. The fluorescein stain outlines the ulcerated area
Transphyseal screw placement for correction of angular limb deformity originating at the carpus
2011 Snowstorm In Texas
Arthritic Cervical Facet
Foreign body on cornea
Hoof cast for white line disease
Kissing spines with marker
Neck fracture with malalignment of spinal canal
Shock wave of arthritic back
Shock wave therapy of dog elbow
Joint injection of dog elbow

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